About Us

Top Lamp Holdings (M) Sdn. Bhd. (775840-T) was established in year 01 Julai 2007. Become one of the largest lighting solutions provider for interior designer, home user and project in lighting industry in Malaysia.

We started ligthing businness on 16 July 2002 with company named Top Lighting Plus Sdn. Bhd. . In the date of 01 Julai 2007, we have restructure our company by register new company named Top Lamp Holdings (M) Sdn. Bhd. During this few years we succesfully setup 12 showrooms from Central to Southern in Malaysia and we have our own trademark brand known as AVALON . AVALON were one of the top brand in Malaysia with quality products. Our AVALON headquartar in Puchong Intan with 3 storeys’ corner shoplot.

In 16 March 2011, we have join venture with Guandong PAK Corporation Co. Ltd, which is the top 3 Project and Industri quality LED Lighting Manufacturer in China. PAK have more then 4,000 workers and over 300,000m² productions base in China.

Guandong PAK Corporation Co. Ltd. Founded in 1991, PAK since then have become the superior brand in the China market for delivering high quality indoor and outdoor lighting products with excellent energy conservation. PAK journey began from extensive research and development of electrical ballast 24 years ago.

We able to join venture on the Malaysia lighting market because both of us AVALON and PAK have same mission and vision.

Solve customer’s problem and contribution to society.
Responsible and dedicating high quality and performance product.

Energy saving, reduce pollutions; built a safe and healthy environment for future generation.